Ania Krukowska is a Polish documentary photographer currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Ania's main photographic interest is exploring cultural aspects of different places, mostly concentrating on people and their environment.  As she used to live in Cairo, most of her projects capture the essence of Cairo and Egypt, as well as everyday life in it's local communities.

In 2014-2015 she was a member of Everyday Egypt - a collective of photographers presenting images of daily life in Egypt, providing wider context to the headlines.


2013: Frames of 2012 Year (Poland): Best Frames
2012: Egypt International Photo Contest: Gold Medal
2012: El Sakia Photo Competition: Fourth Place
2011: 8th Arab-European Festival in Photography in Hamburg: First Prize


The most important EXHIBITIONS:
2017: Everyday Egypt, Cairo
2014: Everyday Project, Photoville
2014: Children's World, El Sawy Culture Wheel, Cairo
2014: The first Egypt Photo Summit, Cairo
2013: Visegrad Four Countries Press Photo Exhibition, Gezira Art Center, Cairo
2013: Frames of 2012 Year, Warsaw and Katowice, Poland
2011: Egyptian Society of Photography, Cairo, Egypt